Aisling D'Art (aisling) wrote in buynothingxmas,
Aisling D'Art

Planning ahead

It may sound silly, but right now is an ideal time to plan for Buy Nothing Christmas 2007.


Make a list of all the people you wanted to do something nice for, during this recent holiday season. (This is probably different from the people you actually gave gifts to, this past year.)

Now, divide that list by nine months. I mean, in a perfect world, wouldn't you love to have all of your holiday stuff completed before Samhain/Halloween? Wouldn't you like to be making your Christmas/Yule/whatever cards in early October (at the latest), and then relax to enjoy the holidays that extend through October, November and December?

So, if you plan to make gifts starting in January, and pace yourself according to the size of your perfect holiday list, you can enjoy a rich and wonderful winter holiday season in 2007.

Make your list and divide it into nine sections, more or less equal. Plan for a wonderful Buy Nothing Christmas 2007. Start in January, and it can happen!

Your assignment this week, if you choose to accept it (said in my best Peter Graves-ish voice):

    1. Make a list of everyone you'd like to give gifts to, next Yule/Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/whatever.

    2. Decide whether you'd like to give them a handmade something, or a service-type something. (Service-type gifts could include a coupon book redeemable for your services as a babysitter, as a mural painter, as someone to help plant the garden or... well, whatever you want to do.)

    3. Divide the handmade gifts (or recipients) into nine groups, so that you make a few items each month.

    4. Start brainstorming what you'd like to make for them. Keep notes. Maybe even start a special notebook (or a section in your diary/journal) for these notes.
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