Aisling D'Art (aisling) wrote in buynothingxmas,
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I'm very interested in a "Buy Nothing Christmas." Sure, there are people we'll probably buy presents for anyway, but why not shift the emphasis to gifts that come from the heart--things that we make, for example?

A friend of mine does her gift-giving on Thanksgiving, making that the exchange of tokens of appreciation among those close to her. Then, Christmas--which is a very religious holiday for her--remains a more spiritual celebration.

This is just one alternative to the shopping frenzy (and sometimes related credit-card debt) that occurs every December.

What are you planning this year, to make it a "buy less" holiday season or even a "Buy Nothing Christmas"?
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this is FABulOUS aisling thanks for starting a community. i DONT have any holiday stress because of this is how we do all gift giving opportunities-i wish more people would realize it! we buy the kids each a large gift (if they chose so),and the rest are gifts of homemade love-they love it! we make our own decorations,gifts, name it! i have plenty ideas/resources to share!
It's a tricky balance with kids, because you know that they compare what they got for the holidays when they go back to school after vacation. It's one thing to raise your kids "good different" but tough to know when it's eding into "too different."

When my kids were at home, we always had "one big present" (store-bought) for each child, as well as the big family present, plus one game (usually a board game) that the whole family could play together. Other than those gifts, everything was handmade or (sometimes) secondhand.

Now that the kids are grown, it's a lot easier to make it a "buy nothing" celebration.

And I love it that your kids are enjoying homemade gifts, too! It sounds like you're doing a great job raising your kids!
I basically make Christmas stuff, journals etc,I tend to buy things like gift cards especially for my kid in college,,which is cheating i guess,cos i tend to get some things they probably need anyway.I honestly can't say i make gifts for everyone (extended family), but then i've kind of said i don't want to exchange alot of gifts anymore.I make cds of family photos that people can have printed up,,that takes alot of time and energy and feels pretty good when it's done.When i actually buy something it has totally struck my fancy.I bought inexpensive black dishes in Chinatown for my son..he'd never find them in Oregon and i'm making napkins and a tablecloth to go with them. I don't go broke for Xmas.I get a few movie cds.I usually get a new Xmas book to add to the pile because tradition says..i read Christmas books on Xmas eve.(i have some cool ones).
VERY cool ideas! I started making picture CDs for my kids' presents, last year. It is a lot of work, but oh, they really enjoy them!

Those black dishes sound fabulous... elegant and artsy at the same time!
I'm not going to see my son during the holidays,,it figures,he can't get down and i'm not mailing those dishes.Hoping i can get up to Portland,Are you going to get to see your kids this year?
Heh. I am deeply, fondly, passionately hoping people do, in fact, buy from me, to give to their loved ones, so my critters and I can keep eating, keep the heat on, keep water flowing through the pipes. I am a self-supporting artist with nothing else to fall back on but my work. Oh please buy. Feed my cats! *GG*
i found a load of bad 35mm film, so i'm going to make bracelets for my girlfriends. I also found some ridiculously cheap lace that makes really cute bracelets, so I'll do that as well. in the past I've made soap and shampoo, but I don't have the resources to do that this year. For male friends i plan on giving them art, by moi of course. And for my parents i plan on making a DVD of all the crazy films/videos I've made while away from home and some art, because they like my art. for wrapping I usually use newspaper.. i mean why not, it isn't hard to find a free paper somewhere, and a whole newspaper can cover sooo many individual gifts.