Aisling D'Art (aisling) wrote in buynothingxmas,
Aisling D'Art

Happy "Buy Nothing" Day!

Congratulations to everyone who's decided not to rush out to shop at 4 a.m. this morning.

The idea of overcrowded stores filled with frantic, sleep-deprived shoppers... that's strong incentive not to shop today.

If you have the day off, consider baking holiday gifts. Or, create other homemade gifts (soap, candles, etc.) that will be enjoyed and used up. Gifts like those say "I care" without later becoming clutter.

Here's a thought: Use a "make-a-mix" recipe (from a cookbook at the library?) and bake bunches of cookies, brownies, and/or breads. Wrap them well and freeze them, to give in December as holiday gifts.
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